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 WeGP Welcoming Everyone   

Email Updates: September 13, 2019

Creating Conversational Communities that Drive Change - Monthly SEED Seminars

SEED seminars include personal reflection and testimony, listening to others' voices, and learning experientially and collectively.  Through this, SEED equips us to connect our lives to one another and to society at large by acknowledging systems of oppression, power, and privilege - and challenges participants to push for change.

Seminars are facilitated by SEED Leader, Sara Havlik and will meet at the Grosse Pointe Libraries (with the same cohort all year), the first Wednesday of every month  From October 2019 until June 2020, 6:00-8:45pm.  Pre-registration is required; space is limited. Registration deadline is September 25.  For more information, questions and/or to register:  SEEDSEMINAR

Get Involved Locally

Please use your power of the vote to elect council members who will work to create a more just, equitable and welcoming GP. 

Grosse Pointe Dems are looking for precinct delegates, block captains, and anyone willing to knock on a few doors this year for Park Council Candidates Aimee Fluitt and Vikas Relan, Farms Candidate Neil Sroka and Woods Candidate Kenn Gafa.  This is a great chance to support these candidates and get involved in local elections.

If you're interested in helping in any of the above capacities, please come to the Precinct Delegate Recruitment, Training and Networking event on September 28 from 8:30am to 12:00pm at the WCCC (Wayne County Community College) facility, 19191 Vernier Rd, Detroit, across from Eastland. 

Want more information?  Contact: MaryGPP5@gmail.com

Meet and Greet the GPP Candidates

Aimee Fluitt and Vikas Relan, candidates for Grosse Pointe Park City Council will be at Recolte Meads, GPP's newest hotspot on Friday, September 20 from 5:00pm-8:00pm, 15308 Kercheval, Grosse Pointe Park, 48230.  They are looking forward to meeting more Park residents, discussing their platforms and listening to your concerns while you sample the establishments offerings. Campaign donations are welcome but not required.

Meet All of the Local Candidates

The League of Women Voters of Grosse Pointe, is sponsoring a series of Candidate Forums giving you an opportunity to become acquainted with the issues and the candidates so that you can be a better informed voter. There are a total of seven individual forums beginning Monday, September 23 and ending Tuesday, October 22. The Forums cover the individual City Council races of all five Grosse Pointes, the City Council race of Harper Woods, and the Mayoral race of the City of Grosse Pointe.  CANDIDATE FORUM for details and scroll down to the Forum poster. 

About Actually Voting.....

In the weeks to come we will have more information on voting laws, rights and important deadlines.  In the meantime, you are invited to pick up the brochure put out by the League of Women Voters' of Grosse Pointe, entitled New Rights for Michigan Voters which addresses changes in Michigan Law applicable to this election cycle The brochures can be found at your City Hall or the local libraries. 

For those who have voted Absentee Ballot in the past, Applications for the Absentee Ballot went out this week.  If you are filling one out, look for the small check box allowing you to automatically receive the Absentee Ballot in the future without re-applying each time.

Security Tip:  If you are dropping off your Absentee Ballot Application in person you may want to seal it in an envelope. At least one City Hall has been observed with an uncovered drop off box on the front office counter.  This means that anyone approaching the counter may see your ballot application which contains your name, address, phone number and birth date.  

For those families who have students away at school wanting to vote in their home district, this would be a good time to get an application for an Absentee Ballot to them.....but make sure they are registered in the district first!

From Slave to Criminal with One Amendment

The GP Unitarian Church and Grosse Pointe-Harper Woods NAACP Branch will be hosting an educational curriculum over this next year to unpack systemic racism as a community; an event link will be forthcoming.

The first event will be a screening and discussion of the Netflix Documentary Film, From Slave to Criminal with One Amendment. The program will begin at 7:00pm on Friday, September 20, 2019 at the Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church, 17150 Maumee, Grosse Pointe, 48230. Admission is free and there will be light refreshments. 

Womens' Clinic Escort Training

Womens' reproductive rights are under attack all across the country. This puts women attempting to obtain abortions or even arriving for wellness visits at risk of harassment from protesters who may also try to dissuade or prevent them entering a clinic.

A movement to provide clinic escorts is gaining momentum.  Someone who is trained to provide support and de-escalate situations accompanies the woman from her car to the clinic door; this helps alleviate her distress and increase her sense of safety.

If you are interested in being trained as a Clinic Escort, please email:  contact.we.gp@gmail.com. You may also leave a message at: SB75 Please contact us immediately if you are available this weekend for a two hour training.  There will be additional training in the future.

Civic Engagement Opportunities

City Council Meeting, City of Grosse Pointe

City Council Meeting, Grosse Pointe Farms

City Council Meeting, Grosse Pointe Park

City Council Meeting, Grosse Pointe Shores

City Council Meeting, Grosse Pointe Woods

Grosse Pointe School Board Meetings

Notes:  1. Check each City's website for agendas, live streaming/video options and calendar changes. 2.The School Board meets twice monthly. 

Other Groups of Interest

GPPSS Parents for Unity in Diversity

League of Women Voters of Grosse Pointe

Grosse Pointe - Harper Woods NAACP Branch

WeGP Environmental Task Force

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